2012-2013 Colloquium Series

Dean MacCannell (Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, UC Davis), will present "Ego Trips Versus Ethical Trips - The Pact Between Cultural Heritage and Tourism"

Friday, September 28, 5:00 PM
Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall
University of California, Berkeley

Achievements of human heritage, great and small, exert a strong pull on the tourist who travels to witness and record distinctive craft, cuisine, music, dress, dance, art and architecture. Dean MacCannell's writings focus on ways local cultures, nature, and historical epochs are represented to tourists (e.g., "Staged Authenticity"). "Ego Trips Versus Ethical Trips" extends the argument of MacCannell's recent book The Ethics of Sightseeing (UC, 2011). In this lecture he examines the trajectory of heritage tourism as it responds to the ego demands of sightseers. He further argues that the ethical tourist resists the deformation of heritage by working to discover the original kernels of creativity in the tableau of human heritage. An added benefit of ethical sightseeing is the empowerment of the tourist to move beyond heritage displays that have been frozen and shrink-wrapped for tourist consumption. Illustrations are provided from vibrant, emergent cultural forms in Philadelphia and San Francisco that are not yet on the tourist maps.

Speaker Bio:
Dean MacCannell (Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, UC Davis) is the author of The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class (1976; 1999), Empty Meeting Grounds: The Tourist Papers (1992), and most recently, The Ethics of Sightseeing (2011). The TSWG is pleased to welcome Professor MacCannell back to UC Berkeley - he previously presented a paper to the Working Group in 2004, and was the opening keynote speaker for our 2011 conference Tourism Imaginaries.

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