Upcoming Events and Announcements

Friday, February 9

        Colloquium featuring Juliet Flower MacCannell
        Title: A Tale of Two Cities
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Friday, February 23

        Colloquium featuring Shaqfat Hussain
        Title: The Shangrila Diaries
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Friday, March 8

        Colloquium featuring Dean MacCannell
        Title: An Authentic Urban Imaginary Against the Tourist Urban Imagery
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June 19-22, 2024, Paris, France

        International Conference
        Title:“Imagining Tourists and Tourism: Fiction, practices and representations.”

        [call for papers]

Publications by our Members

Tourism Imaginaries at the Disciplinary Crossroads: Place, Practice, Media. Maria Gravari-Barbas and Nelson Graburn (eds.) London: Routledge

Tourism Imaginaries: Anthropological Approaches. Noel Salazar and Nelson Graburn (eds.) London & New York: Berghahn

2012 “Tourist Imaginaries/Imaginaires Touristiques” Special issue of Via@ International Interdisciplinary Review of Tourism [7 languages] 1 (1) Maria Gravari-Barbas and Nelson Graburn (eds.)

2011 “Imagined Landscapes of Tourism” Special issue of Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change 9 (3). Nelson Graburn and Maria Gravari-Barbas (eds.)

Jenny Chio, A Landscape of Travel: The Work of Tourism in Rural Ethnic China (University of Washington, 2014). [read more]

Naomi Leite, Unorthodox Kin: Portuguese Marranos and the Global Search for Belonging. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2017

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