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University of California, Berkeley
2013-2014 Calendar

Friday, September 20

        Colloquium featuring Swetha Vijayakumar
        (MS Student, History of Architecture and Urbanism, UC Berkeley)
        Title: The Khajuraho Experience: Following the Flâneurs in Phantasmagoric Temples
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Friday, October 4

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn
        (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley)
        Title: When is Heritage Alive or Dead? Reanimation of the Ancient Silk Road
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Friday, November 8

        Colloquium featuring Lisa Min
        (Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Title: North Korean Holiday

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Friday, November 15

        Colloquium featuring Pablo Seward
        (Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
        Title: Beyond Easter Island and Rapa Nui:
                The Ruins of the Present In A Contested Place

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Friday, December 5

        Colloquium featuring Habib Saidi
        (Associate Professor, History, University of Laval)
        Title: The Race for Primacy: Capitalness and Touristi-city in Ottawa,
                Quebec City, and Elsewhere

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Friday, January 24

       Planning Meeting: Tourism and Eroticism Conference
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Thursday, February 6

       Planning Meeting: Tourism and Eroticism Conference
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Friday, February 7

        Colloquium featuring Jean-Francois Staszak
        (Professor, Geography, University of Geneva)
        Title: Sex Tourism in Colonial Casablanca: Bousbir, the Quartier Réservé
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Friday, February 21

        Colloquium featuring Andrea Zittlau
        (University of Rostock, Germany)
        Title: The Representation of Native America in German Museums
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Friday, February 28

        Colloquium featuring Estelle Brun
        (Social Geography, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
        Title: Gazes of Americans Upon Pueblos and Navajo Cultures Through
                the Access of their World Heritage Sites, Mesa Verde and Caco Culture.
                A Window Into the Present by the Past?
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Wednesday, April 16

        Colloquium featuring Heidi Kaspar
        (Professor and SNSF Mobility Postdoc, University of Zurich
        Title: Emotional Geographies of International Medical Travel: Why Travel for Health?
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Friday, April 18

        Colloquium featuring Pan Shouyong
        (Professor, Anthropology,
Minzu University of China, Beijing, China)
        Title: The Museum Boom in China: Historical Overview and Current Issues
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Friday, April 25

        Colloquium featuring Dean MacCannell
        (Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, UC Davis)
        Title: Way Off the Beaten Track, or How I Became a Tourism Researcher
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