COLLOQUIA 2007-2008

University of California, Berkeley
2007-2008 Calendar

Note: unless otherwise indicated, all colloquia are held in the Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall, at 4 PM.

Friday, August 31
    Fall Opening Reception and Colloquium
    Prof. Jonathan Skinner (Anthropology, Queen's University, Belfast).
    Title: "Missing the Niche: Moving Bodies in Dance and Tourism."

Friday, September 14
    Open Organizational Meeting. All graduate students, faculty, and post-doctoral researchers involved in the academic study of tourism and travel are welcome to attend.

Friday, September 28  
    Prof. Nenad Lipovac (City and Regional Planning, University of Zagreb, Croatia).
    Title: "Balancing Heritage Preservation and Recreational Demands: Planning for Tourism in Motovun and Marija Bistrica, Croatia."
    Co-sponsored by the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Friday, October 12
    Joseph Fischer (retired; formerly of Center for Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley).
    Title: "The Giant Who Swallowed the Moon: Traditional Small Balinese Tourist Paintings."
    Co-sponsored by the Department of History of Art and the Graduate Assembly.

Friday, October 26
    Prof. Barry Carr (History, LaTrobe University, Victoria, Australia).
    Title: "Acapulco and Cancun: Two Models of Tourist Development in Mexico, 1940-1990."

    Co-sponsored by the Program in Chicano/Latino Studies and the Graduate Assembly.

Friday, November 9

Jinfu Zhang (Visiting Scholar, Anthropology, UC Berkeley; Department of Tourism, Xiamen University, China).
Title: "Touristic Ritual, Sacred Journeys, and Tourism's Impact on Religious Life in Tibet."
Co-sponsored by the Institute of East Asian Studies, the Center for Chinese Studies, and the Graduate Assembly.

Friday, November 16

Mark DeWitt (TSWG; Ph.D., Ethnomusicology, UC Berkeley).
Title: "Music-Making as a Sustainable Resource: Direct and Indirect Tourism in the Development of Louisiana French Music in California."
Co-sponsored by the Department of Music and the Graduate Assembly.

Friday, February 22

Colloquium on Heritage, Space, and Place
Co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Delta Initiative and the Graduate Assembly.

Alex Westhoff
(Landscape Architecture/Environmental Planning & City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley)
"The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta: A Backwaters Voyage into the Region's Heritage."

Naomi Leite (Anthropology, UC Berkeley), Commentary: "Thinking Through Space."

Friday, March 7

Shalini Ayyagari (Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnomusicology, UC Berkeley).
Title: "Making Ends Meet: The Reorganization and Institutionalization of Mangniyar music around the Cultural Tourism Industry (Rajasthan, India)." 

Co-sponsored by the Department of Music and the Graduate Assembly.

Friday, March 14

Colloquium on Monuments, Memory, and Urban Revitalization
Co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly.

Clare Fischer (Professor Emerita, Religion and Culture, Graduate Theological Union)
"Tourism and Richmond's Homefront: 'Re-siting' Public Memories."

Jennifer Phelps Quinn
(City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley)
Title: "Nostalgia and Revitalization: Putting Working Towns Back to Work Via Tourism
, A Case Study of Lowell, MA"

Friday, April 25, 2:00-5:30 PM

Celebrity, Politics, and Conservation: Examining Tourism in Southern Africa. Half-day symposium.
Program and Additional Information

Friday, May 9

Jenny Chio (Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, UC Berkeley).
Title: "The Practice of Photographing 'Model Minorities' in Chinese Tourism."
Co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly.

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