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20012-2013 Calendar

Friday, September 7

        Colloquium featuring Émilie Ruffin
        (Land Planning and Regional Development Master)
        Title: Cultural Tourism, Development and Local Government in Nunavik
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Friday, September 28

        Colloquium featuring Dean MacCannell
        (Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, UC Davis)
        Title: Ego Trips Vesus Ethical Trips - The Pact Between Cultural Heritage and Tourism
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Friday, November 2

        Colloquium featuring Scott MacLeod
        Title: Naked, Virtual Harbin: An Anthropology of Erotisme and the Touristic Imaginaire
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Friday, November 9

        Colloquium featuring Shelley Steward
        (PhD Student, Sociology, UC Berkeley)
        Title: Establishing 'King of the Mountain': 'Nature' as a Criterion of Distinction in a
                Winter Resort Town
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Monday, November 12 - [Note: event cancelled due to Academic Holiday Schedule]

        Colloquium featuring Paula Mota Santos
        (Universitidade do Porto)

Friday, November 30

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn and Elspeth Ready
        (UC Berkeley and Stanford)
        Title: Experiments in Inuit Tourism: The Eastern Canadian Arctic
        This event is co-sponsored with the Canadian Studies Program, UC Berkeley

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Friday, December 7

        Colloquium featuring Lina Tegtmeyer
        (Freie Universität, Berlin)
        Title: Aesthetics of Failure as Success Narrative? The Image of "Detroit"
                Between Urban Social Crisis and Iconic Post-Industrial Site

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Friday, February 15

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn
        (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley)
        Title: "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom": Ethnic Tourism in China:
                Strategies and Outcomes

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Friday, March 1

        Colloquium featuring Linda Boukhris
        (PhD Student, Geography, University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne)
        Title: National Imaginary and Tourist Imaginary: Homo Nationalis and
                Homo Turistica - Questioning the Imaginary Institution of Costa Rican
                Society Following Its Tourist Turn
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Monday, March 11

        Colloquium featuring Kevin James
        (History of Tourism, University of Guelph)
        Title: '[T]hose Sentimental Hotch-Potches of Maudlin Sentiment and
                Racked Rhyme': Reading Responses to the Victorian Visitors' Book

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Friday, March 15

        Colloquium featuring Dana Hercbergs
        (Postdoctoral Fellow in Israel Studies,
                History Department, American University, Washington, DC)
        Title: Mobile Cartographies and Mobilized Ideologies: The Visual
                Management of Jerusalem

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Friday, April 12

        Colloquium featuring David Domoulin
        (Sociologue, Université Paris 3 - Sorbonne)
        Title: Field Biologists as the First and Ultimate (Eco) Tourists:
                Selva Lacandona and Beyond
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Friday, April 26

        Mini-Conference on Issues in Tourism and the Middle East
        Anna Al Ruhelli
                (PhD Student, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley)
        Miriam Aranoff
                (MCP Candidate, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley)
        Amir Gohar
                (PhD Student, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley)
Shahrzad Shirvani
                (MS Student, Architecture, UC Berkeley)
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Friday, April 12

        Colloquium featuring
        Li Chunxia
        (Associate Professor, Sichuan University, China)
        Title: Ancient Tower, Heritage Stories and Models of


        Xuefan Zhou
        (PhD Candidate, Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University, China)
        Title: "Peasant Family Happiness" as a Leisure Activity -
                A Succesful Model Rebuilding Chinese Traditions and Communities

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