COLLOQUIA 2006-2007

University of California, Berkeley
2006-2007 Calendar

Note: unless otherwise indicated, all colloquia are held in the Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall, at 4 PM.

Friday, September 22

Fall Opening Reception and
Organizational Meeting. All graduate students, faculty, and post-doctoral researchers involved in the academic study of tourism and travel are welcome to attend.

Friday, October 13

Prof. Cristina Bacchilega (Chair, English, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Title: "Producing a Legendary Hawai‘i: Tradition and Translation in the Promotion of a U.S. Territory as Tourist Destination."
Co-sponsored by the Berkeley Folklore Roundtable.

Friday, October 20
    Prof. Alex Saragoza (Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley)
    Title: "Golfing in the Desert: Los Cabos and the Turn in Mexican Tourism."

Friday, November 3
    Dr. David Picard (Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
    Title: "On Oakley Sunglasses, Fish Tattoos, and Salvage Anthropologists: Coral Reef Protection and Transculturation in a Madagascan Village."

Friday, December 1
    Dr. Alexis Bunten (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
    Title: "Sharing Culture or Selling Culture? Developing the "Commodified Persona" in the Heritage Industry."

Wednesday, December 6
Rachel Giraudo (Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Title: "Tourism and Cultural Heritage at the Tsodilo Hills: Marketing Intangibility at the Mountain of the Gods

Friday, January 26, 10AM - 5PM
    States of Tourism: Mexico and Cuba. A day-long symposium.
    Program and Additional Information

Friday, February 23
    Prof. Athinodoros Chronis (Business Administration, CSU-Stanislaus)
    Title: "Gettysburg Toured and Imagined: Contesting and Shaping American Mythology in a Civil War Battlefield.”

Friday, March 2
    Dr. Aaron Glass (Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology, University of British Columbia)
    Title: "On 'Sharing Culture': The Political Economy of Intercultural Display and the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) Hamat'sa Dance."
    Co-sponsored by the Canadian Studies Program and the Department of Anthropology.

Friday, March 16
    Prof. Robert Davidson (Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto)
    Title: "War in Abeyance: The Habana Libre Hotel."
    Co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Friday, April 13
    Dr. Erica Wilson (Tourism and Hospitality Management, Southern Cross University, Australia)
    Title: "Don't Go There! The 'Geography of Women's Fear' and Solo Travel."

Friday, April 20
    Prof. Bertram Gordon (History, Mills College)
    Title: "Chocolate Tourism: A Problem in Historical Anthropology."

Friday, April 27
    Prof. David Crouch (Cultural Geography, University of Derby, UK)
    Title: "Flirting with Space: The Fleshiness of Journeys, Encounters, and Their Creativity."

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