2017-2018 Colloquium Series

The Tourism Studies Working Group is pleased to announce
A Book Project Exploring How Tourism Governance Shaped
Tourism Development Across The World

Friday, Nov. 17, 5:00pm
Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall
University of California, Berkeley

The Tourism Governance Book Project is a collaborative effort as an edited volume by multiple distinguished authors researching tourism development and its array of impacts and implications. The book aims to unpack how tourism is shaped in different countries as a result of its governance system. Each chapter will be about one country describing its recent contemporarily tourism policies and how it is shaped. There will be a consistent outline (with some flexibility) to be able for each chapter to address the same issues, concerns, recommendations across wide range of countries from all over the world. More about the Book Project can be found here.

This seminar is to share the progress to date and present the material presented by different authors. The discussion aims to compare and contrast different tourism governance frameworks and synthesize the output to feed in the individual chapters.

The discussion will address the following countries: Italy, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, USA, France, International cross-border governance and Examples of informal tourism (i.e. AirB&B and WWOOF).

Please join us. The seminar will be followed by pizza and salad.

Organizer Bio:
Amir Gohar is an urban and tourism planner and sustainable development expert with fifteen years of working experience with municipal governments, research institutes, international development agencies, private sector firms and local community organizations. He has worked extensively in areas adjacent to tourism destinations, national parks, river fronts, sensitive ecosystems, coastal tourism areas and open landscapes across the Middle east and Africa. His research focuses on finding the appropriate balance between the trendies of rapid tourism development and maintaining ecological integrity in both dense cities as well as remote nomadic towns. As a lecturer in Landscaped Arch. & Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley, his recent research focuses on understanding tourism development and its direct impact on the environment. His most recent interviews reveals his dedication to the discipline and to finding the right balance between tourism and environmental protection: (i) The conversation with leaders in the landscape, and (ii) an interview that elaborate more on his critique of self-labeled ecotourism in Egypt. Gohar obtained previous degrees in Urban & Regional planning from Cairo university, a Master in Urban design from Oxford Brookes University, and a diploma in Land Management from Institute of Housing & Urban Development Studies from Erasmus University.

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