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2020-2021 Colloquium Series

The Tourism Studies Working Group is pleased to announce our

2021-2022 Organizing Meeting

Friday, August 27, 3PM-5PM PST*
Hosted on Zoom [click here]

*Please note earlier time for this meeting, 3-5PM.


Dear colleagues,

We hope you will join us on Friday, August 27th, to plan for the TSWG's 2021-2022 year.

The TSWG will meet to discuss our program for the Fall Semester 2021. We will continue to host our Friday colloquium series as well as to our long-awaited international conference on Musical Imaginaries (March 24-27, 2022). We hope that you will join us!

We do still have some openings for additional speakers in the Fall series. If you are working on a research subject related to tourism, travel or heritage, and would like to present your work during the Fall, please send an e-mail to Nelson Graburn (graburn@berkeley.edu). 

Presentation formats may vary, from individual speakers on a single research topic to mini-symposiums of several presenters on a mutually related topic. We are also happy to host other speaker/topic formats. We will continue to meet on Fridays from 4-6PM (PT), but can also make exceptions for speakers presenting from distant time zones. 

Please come prepared to discuss other possibilities and/or email us your suggestions so that we can construct a Calendar.

Current Agenda Items

TSWG Schedule, Proposal

  • When hosting local speakers, we will meet from 4-6PM on campus
  • When hosting non-local speakers, we will meet at a time convenient to the speaker via Zoom (e.g. 2-4PM for speakers in Europe)

TSWG Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Friday colloquium series
  • Spring conference, Musical Imaginaries

Journal of Tourism History, Call for Participation

  • Bert Gordon (Associate Editor of the Journal of Tourism History) would like to invite members of the Tourism Studies Working Group to submit essays for publication consideration and volunteer to anonymously referee potential contributions to the Journal. The Journal publishes essays that address the history of tourism throughout the world and one need not be a member of a History department to contribute. To be published, submitted essays must receive favorable reviews from at least two “blind” reviewers. Please feel free to Bert Gordon with any questions you might have: bmgordon@mills.edu. For more about the Journal, consult https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjth20/current

Clubhouse for Tourism Governance and TSWG, Proposal (Amir Gohar)

  • Clubhouse is an audio social media app. Amir plans to create a club for his Tourism Governance Book and has proposed to create a similar club for the TSWG. Clubhouse operates like a conference call app, hosting private and public audio conference rooms. TSWG members could use Clubhouse to communicate, plan upcoming events and coordinate with potential speakers and visiting scholars. Amir will provide us with more information about the platform.

Please plan to attend the meeting a few minutes early, to ensure that your zoom account is set up before we begin.  

The full zoom link is here [no password needed]: 


We look forward to seeing you on the 27th!

Nelson Graburn (graburn@berkeley.edu), Mahlon Chute and the rest of the committee!

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