2013-2014 Colloquium Series

The Canadian Studies Program and the
Tourism Studies Working Group are pleased to announce

Capitalness and Touristi-city in Ottawa, Québec City, and Elsewhere

Habib Saidi
Associate Professor, History
University of Laval

Thursday, December 5, 12PM-1:45PM
IIS Conference Room, 223 Moses Hall
University of California, Berkeley

RSVP by December 2 by calling Rita Ross at 510-642-0531, or by emailing Rita Ross at rjross@berkeley.edu

I would like to explore in this talk the competitive logic that is pushing national, state, and provincial capitals in the same countries to compete with each other by using their tourism renown as a means for primacy at the local and world level. My comparison will focus on Ottawa and Québec City. The goal is to study how these two capitals – which, for historical reasons, have engaged in an undeclared race for fame and political and tourism primacy – have incorporated tourism into their “capitalization” policies. By “capitalization”, I mean the processes underlying the strategies, activities, and approaches undertaken by a given city to preserve its status as a capital or, if it is not already a capital, to figuratively create one, be it in terms of culture, heritage, tourism, the economy, or any other characteristic.

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