2011-2012 Colloquium Series

Dr. Jesse Lerner (Professor, Media Studies, Pitzer College), will screen his film, Ruins, - a 'fake documentary' about modern engagements with Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Please note date/time/venue change:
Thursday, January 26, 6:00 PM
Room 244, Boalt Hall
University of California, Berkeley

Surveying the representative moments from the history of Mesoamerican antiquarianism, this experimental documentary suggests how diplomacy and Pan-Americanism framed the recontextualization of archeological objecst as art. Part faked newsreel, part diffusionist rant, Ruins uses appropriated sounds and images to contemplate a history of appropriated objects. The film visits with Brgido Lara, master forger, and suggests parallels between the documentary film and the fake.

This screening is featured as part of the 'Current Questions in Authenticity' series organized by SCHAL. Dr. Jesse Lerner, director of the film and Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College, will present the film and, following its screening, will discuss the film with Professor Rosemary Joyce and Professor Emerita Ruth Tringham, both of the Department of Anthropology at UC Berkeley.

Refreshments will be served.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to authenticity.symposium@gmail.com by Friday, January 20 at 5 pm.

Speaker Bio:
Jesse Lerner is a documentary film and video maker based in Los Angeles. His short films Magnavoz (2006), T.S.H. (2004), and Natives (1991, with Scott Sterling) and feature-length documentaries Atomic Sublime (2010), The American Egypt (2001), Ruins (1999), and Frontierland (1995, with Ruben Ortiz-Torres) have won prizes at film festival in the United States, Latin America and Japan, and have shown at New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Sydney Biennale and the Sundance Film Festival. He has curated film and photography exhibitions for the Robert Flaherty Seminar, the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao, and National Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. His books include F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing (with Alex Juhasz), The Shock of Modernity and the Maya of Modernism.

This event is organized by the Society for Cultural Heritage, Arts, and Law (SCHAL), and is co-sponsored by the Tourism Studies Working Group, The Townsend Center for the Humanities, the Berkeley Center for New Media, and the Departments of Anthropology, Film and Media Studies, and History of Art.

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