2012-2013 Colloquium Series

Émilie Ruffin (Land Planning and Redevelopment Master), will present "Cultural Tourism, Development, and Local Government in Nunavik"

Friday, September 7, 4:00 PM
Faculty Staff Lounge
2nd Floor, Kroeber Hall (next to Gifford Room)
University of California, Berkeley

Speaker Bio:
Mrs. Émilie Ruffin is a cultural geographer achieving a Ph.D. on housing and urban planning in Nunavik. She has a Master's Degree in Land Planning and Regional Development. She has participated in various research studies in Nunavik that have led to her coordinate and realize projects in geography, land planning, cultural tourism, place naming, as well as in governance issues.

Her expertise includes preparation of projects with planning and logistics, budgeting and application of subventions, collecting data through interviews and public discussions, processing data, proceeding with synthesis and analysis, and communicating. Her expertise comes from her various experiences with academic, and governmental as well as non-profit organizations. This makes her grasp the global issues and challenges of the Nunavik region. Her dynamism, her organizational capabilities, her analyzing skills, as well as her knowledge of the field make her an efficient worker on projects related to the land.

Mrs. Émilie Ruffin has worked mostly in Canada, Québec and Nunavik. She is fluent in French and is proficient in English. She is in the process of learning Inuttitut.

This event is being co-sponsored with the Canadian Studies Program, UC Berkeley.

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