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2020-2021 Colloquium Series

The Tourism Studies Working Group is pleased to present

Beyond the Barcelos Rooster:
Souvenir Design and the Representation
of Portuguese Cultural Identity

Fátima Rocha
Doctoral Student, University of Lisbon

Friday, May 6, 3PM-5PM PST

Hosted on Zoom [join here]
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As an essentially interdisciplinary activity, design deals with aesthetic, symbolic, functional and productive elements, and is present in several areas of our daily lives, creating and bringing solutions to individual or collective needs. Tourism offers a wide field of action for strategic design, which works from a systemic approach to the solution of these needs.

Portugal recognizes that tourism plays a central role in the country's economy. Its mainland territory and islands offer attractions for different tourist profiles and tourism is considered the main exporting activity and generator of jobs and wealth. In this context, the tourist souvenir market - an important element in the travel experience - presents representations of the Portuguese cultural identity to different visitors and is invited to include the subjectivity of each tourist profile in its agenda. The internationalization of the production of objects has also brought new challenges to souvenir design and a transition process from “made in” to “designed in” can be observed in some products.

This presentation is about how Portuguese (and even foreign) designers, developing projects for public or private companies, are creating a dialogue between tradition and innovation in the representations of Portuguese cultural identity, promoting different forms of subjective perception of the tourist experience.

Fátima Rocha is a Brazilian designer with professional experience in several fields, from graphic design to product design. She obtained a Master's degree in Design, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, analyzing expressions of the Brazilian national identity through products and images. As a teacher, she supervised over 300 students developing projects of souvenirs for the city of Rio de Janeiro, before the Rio2016 Olympic Games. She is currently working on her doctoral research in Design at the University of Lisbon, with a scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, seeking to identify strategic design contributions in the creation of Portuguese souvenirs and its role in the representation of Portuguese cultural identity for the tourist market in the last 20 years.

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