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2020-2021 Colloquium Series

The Tourism Studies Working Group is pleased to present

The Prevailing Impact of Mental Health on Global Tourism & Culture

Oracle of Delphi, "considered to provide wise and insightful counsel, precognition of the future"

Yannis Michaelides, Tourism Branding Management Expert
Visiting Instructor, Northwestern University

Friday, Febrary 5, 4PM-6PM
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There is no doubt that COVID-19 is also impacting on global mental health to an alarming extent. It is an aspect of the pandemic that is deservedly drawing the increasing attention of cultural institutions and the tourism sector. The many residual psychological effects from this fearful and long drawn disruption are seen by analysts as an escalating threat to humanity's well being during and after this crisis.

The idea that travel and mental health are linked is not new, but in a post pandemic world this linkage will be a definitive factor affecting travel consumer behavior and thus, new approaches to travel and culture will need to be addressed. Research supports the positive effects of art & culture on mental health, (mindfulness, creativity, cognitive thinking, resilience, etc.). In addition, human interaction through travel has a proven healing effect on mental health.

The global travel industry is now facing a rapidly emerging demand factor that will feature in the post pandemic world. Mental health is becoming a pressing priority and aspiration that drives various quests and concepts, affecting communication, product development and operational aspects in almost every sector of the travel industry. The road is now open for tourism to thrive with novel approaches that accurately anticipate expectation trends and transcend the level of mere communication tools by creating substantial perceptions and messaging.

Speaker Bio:
Yannis Michaelides is a Tourism Branding Management expert with over 25 years of experience in international travel and hospitality. His passionate relationship with tourism began while in Northern California, studying for his MBA at the University of San Francisco. His main areas of expertise include Nation-Place-Destination Branding, Integrated Destination & Cultural Branding, Tourism Strategic Planning and Primary Tourism Market Research. He is a visiting instructor at Northwestern University, (Workshops - Chicago and Executive Education - Qatar), and at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, (special overseas programs in Greece). He has received several awards for his unusual approaches to branding, among them the Greek 2015 & 2017 Tourism Award, 2007 Ermis Award, etc.). Yannis is currently developing three new tourism strategies that he specifies as: "Nation & Destination Brand Diffusion", "Integrated Cultural Branding", and "Mental Health on Tourism & Cultural Branding".

Yannis is based in Athens, Greece. His views on Nation & Destination Brand Management are expressed in his article titled: "Rehearsing the future in Place & Destination Brand Management"

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