2019-2020 Colloquium Series

The Tourism Studies Working Group is pleased to announce

The Ecomuseum Grows Up - the Anji County Museum in China

Lu Jin (Visiting Scholar) and Nelson Graburn (Professor Emeritus)
Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

Friday, 17 January 2020, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall
University of California, Berkeley

The original European ecomuseums attempted to preserve aspects of living pre-modern heritage within existing communities rather than in dedicated museum housing. Introduced to rural China around the year 2000, most experiments faltered due to insufficient understanding and motivation and excess commercialization. However, in Zhejiang Province the remarkable Anji County ecomuseum has surpassed others in China and more recent developments elsewhere.

We focus on its innovative organization - one central natural/history museum and forty-one small local museums and exhibits. Unlike the "traditional" ecomuseums in Europe and North America which connect Nature/Agriculture/Non-modern, stopping at the stage or time of "proto-industrialization" attempting to foster local interest in keeping non-modern technologies and tastes alive, the Anji museum system connects Nature/Agriculture/Non-modern with Industry/Consumption/Modernity, questioning the artificiality of "frozen traditions". The designers want to show the existing connections between original nature, traditional and industrial uses, e.g. bamboo growing, bamboo crafts, and bamboo in the building, clothing and furniture industries. This is all part of wealthy Anji county's efforts to fashion itself as a leader in non-polluting industries and "green living" for which is has received national and UNESCO awards.

Speaker Bio:
Lu JIN is an associate professor in School of Humanities and Communication, Ningbo University, China, and a visiting scholar in Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley in 2009-2011and2019-2020. Her research focuses on cultural heritage, the anthropology of tourism and ecomuseum studies. She has published more than ten papers in academic journals, and one book. Her book Heritages, Tourism and Modernity: an Anthropological Study on a Buyi Ecomuseum in Central Guizhou (Zhejiang University Press, 2016) was awarded the First Prize for Achievements in Tourism, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China. With Nelson Graburn she has published three articles on the history and theory of tourism research in China:"中国旅游人类学的兴起" [The Development of Chinese Anthropology of Tourism], 青海民族学学报 [Qinghai Journal of Ethnology], Spring. 22 (2): 1-11 (2011), "Tourism and Museums in China." Asian Journal of Tourism Research 2 (1): 1-35 https://doi.org/10.12982/AJTR.2017.0001 (2017) and (with Yujie Zhu). "Domesticating Tourism Anthropology in China." American Anthropologist 119 (4): 730-35(2018).

Nelson GRABURN was educated at Cambridge (1958), McGill (1960) and Chicago (PhD 1963), and Northwestern (Postdoc, 1963-64). He has taught at U C Berkeley for 54 years, serving as Curator of the Hearst Museum and Chair of Canadian Studies and of Tourism Studies. He also taught in Canada, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, and Brazil and China. He has carried out research on change, identity, multiculturalism, museums, art and tourism, among Canadian Inuit (1959-2014), in Japan (since 1974) and in China (since 1991). His works include: Ethnic and Tourist Arts (1976); Japanese Domestic Tourism (1983); Anthropology of Tourism (1983); Catalogue Raisonné of the Alaska Commercial Company Collection: Phoebe Hearst Museum (1996); Multiculturalism in the New Japan (2008);旅游人类学论文集 [Anthropology in the Age of Tourism] (2009); Tourism and Glocalization in East Asia (2010); Tourism Imaginaries: Anthropological Approaches (2014), Tourism Imaginaries at the Disciplinary Crossroads (2016), Tourism in (Post)Socialist Eastern Europe (2017), and Cultural Tourism Movements (2018). His work on the meaning and consumption of wine in China (with Xiangchun Zheng) was awarded first prize at the Hong Kong Conference "Wine Marketing and Cultures of Consumption" (2019).

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