2011-2012 Colloquium Series

Clare Fischer (Professor Emerita, Graduate Theologoical Union), will present "Another View on Bali? Whose Perspective?"

Friday, October 7, 4:00 PM
Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall
University of California, Berkeley

The seven month long exhibition," Bali's Art, Ritual, Performance" at San
Francisco's Asian Art Museum ended on September 11th with a compelling
program of gamelan music, masked dance and a puppet show. The exhibition
was the first major display of Balinese Art in the United States featuring
over 100 objects borrowed primarily from museum collections in the
Netherlands and included a variety of educational programs about the
island's complex ritual life. Demonstrations and performances by local
Balinese were offered to the public.
My remarks will address the question of perspective, reflecting on
museums in Bali. It is of note that none of the items on display in San
Francisco were borrowed from any of the collections from Bali's museums.
I will offer a "virtual tour" of several privately owned Balinese
Museums, indicating that the establishment and purpose of these art
museums has greater significance for the study of tourism than "meets the
eye." My research of the Balinese museum is based ,in part, on interviews
conducted in Bali and on-going communications with several of the
Balinese museum founders.

Speaker Bio:
Clare Fischer, emerita professor of Religion and Culture, GTU, has
traveled to Bali many times over the past two decades and focused on
religious dimensions of the island's culture. Her publications on Bali
include a study of tooth-filing and on the implications of the 2002 Kuta
bombing. She is instructing a course on Bali for the Olli program (Oscher
Lifelong Learning Instuitute) this Fall term.

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