COLLOQUIA 2023-2024


University of California, Berkeley
2023-2024 Calendar

Friday, September 15

       TSWG 2023-2024 Planning Meeting
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Friday, September 22

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn
        Title: "From Tarktuk - the darkness (of the North) to Qaumajuk - the light
                (of the Winnipeg Art Gallery): Transformations in Canadian Inuit Arts."

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Friday, October 20

        Colloquium featuring Tami Blumenfield
        Title: "We are All Mosuo": Creating Space and Producing Place at the
                Museum of the Mosuo People

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Friday, October 27

        Colloquium featuring Nilak Datta
        Title: The Loss of the Frontier and the Start of the Touristic West:
                 An Analysis of Theodore Roosevelt’s Sight-Marking Strategies

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Friday, December 1

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn
        Title: Wines for the Tourist Table: A Modest Proposal for Hinterland China
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Friday, December 8

        Colloquium featuring Bill Newlin
        Title: Before Baedeker: Travel Guidebooks to 1840
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Friday, December 15

        Colloquium featuring Margaret-Ann Simonetta
        Title: Harry Potter and the Wizarding Tourist
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Friday, February 9

        Colloquium featuring Juliet Flower MacCannell
        Title: A Tale of Two Cities
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Friday, February 23

        Colloquium featuring Shaqfat Hussain
        Title: The Shangrila Diaries
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Friday, March 8

        Colloquium featuring Dean MacCannell
        Title: An Authentic Urban Imaginary Against the Tourist Urban Imagery
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Friday, March 22

        Colloquium featuring Chris Cristóbal Chan
        Title: Archipelagic Avant-garde: Imaginations of Tourism, Art,
                and Politics in the Matsu Islands
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Friday, April 5

        Colloquium featuring Ellen Frankenstein
        Title: Cruise Boom: A Community on the Cusp of Change
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Friday, April 12

        Colloquium featuring Mei Zhang
        Title: Putting Sustainable Travel to Practice
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Friday, April 19

        Colloquium featuring Bertrand Réau
        Title: Social and Cultural Differentiations in Children's Vacation Experiences:
                Comparison France, USA, Canada and Switzerland
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