COLLOQUIA 2022-2023


University of California, Berkeley
2022-2023 Calendar

September, 2-4

        International Workshop
        Title: Wine and the Global Urbe: Science, Tourism and Branded Environments
        [Call for Papers]

Friday, September 9

       TSWG 2022-2023 Planning Meeting
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Monday, October 17

        Colloquium featuring Luis Felipe R. Murillo
        Title: Hacker Tours, Trajectories and Circuits
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Friday, October 21

        Colloquium featuring Jingming He and Yingrun Li
        Title: The Liquor Cultural Heritage, Brand Formation and Its
                Challenges of Maotai Town, China

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Friday, October 28

        Colloquium featuring Mary Mostafanezhad
        Title: Particulates Politics: Tourism, Air Pollution, and
                Socio-Environmental Crisis in Northern Thailand

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November, 9-13

        Late Breaking Panel - AAA Meetings
        Title: Tourism Anthropology: War, Migration and Refugees
        [Call for Papers]

Friday, November 18

        Colloquium featuring Jackie Feldman
        Title: Selfies in Auschwitz: Civil Religious Pilgrimage and the
                Challenges of the Digital Age

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