COLLOQUIA 2021-2022


University of California, Berkeley
2021-2022 Calendar

Friday, August 22

       2021-2022 Organizing Meeting
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Friday, October 29

        Colloquium featuring Thomas Apchain and Dean MacCannell
        Title: Tourism—merely religious elements or is it a new religion?
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Friday, November 5

        Colloquium featuring Yanqi Wei
        Title: Red Tourism as Cultural Governance—Curating the Long March Memorial site
                in Tibetan Sichuan

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Friday, November 12

        Colloquium featuring Wenhong Luo and Nelson Graburn
        Title: Curating Pasts: Tourism and the Musealization of Chinese Cities.
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Friday, December 3

        Colloquium featuring Yujie Zhu with Lucie K. Morisset and Michael A. Di Giovine
        Title: Heritage Tourism: From Problems to Possibilities
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