2017-2018 Colloquium Series

Yujie Zhu will teach a summer session course on Heritage, Tourism and Globalization at the Peking University in Beijing, China from July 2-13, 2018.  
Course Program [click here]
Peking University website [click here]

Course Description:
This course focuses on the key issues at stake in the multifaceted relation between heritage and tourism in the global context. Heritage is regarded as one of the most significant and fastest growing components of the world's largest industry - tourism. The globalization of heritage through tourism has had various effects on political, economic, social and cultural ideas of human society. In this course, we focus on both positive and negative effects of global tourism on heritage destinations, particularly in terms of commercialization, authenticity, sustainability, indigeneity, and ownership.

Using theories and methods of anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, and performance studies, this course analyses the dynamic role of tourism in the global circulation of people, capital and images. In addition to lectures,students will engage with readings and short documentary films from different parts of the world, which exemplify and complicate prevailing theories in tourism studies.Through field trips and workshops, students will be offered 'hands on' learning experience, and be encouraged to develop a critical understanding of the role of heritage and tourism in managing, interpreting and shaping realities. .

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