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* A One-Year Anthropology MA Programme in the Heart of London

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* A ONE-YEAR ANTHROPOLOGY MA PROGRAMME IN THE HEART OF LONDON The only Masters-level programme of its kind anywhere, the SOAS MA Anthropology of Travel and Tourism offers students the opportunity to pursue specialist interests in global voluntary mobility while gaining advanced training in social and cultural anthropology. Combining a rigorous set of core courses with a wide range of options to suit each student, the programme also hosts an evening seminar series with presentations by internationally leading scholars.
Students in the programme hail from diverse areas of the globe and throughout the UK. They develop expertise in anthropological theory and practice; learn to undertake ethnographic research; and gain comprehensive grounding in the anthropological study of travel and tourism, including issues of development, political economy, cultural change, cross-cultural encounter, representation and meaning, lived experience, space and place, heritage, and interconnections between diverse histories and cultures of travel worldwide.
The programme is designed for flexibility, offering both (1) a focused MA for students trained in anthropology who wish to undertake in-depth study of travel/tourism-related issues, but are not yet ready to commit a PhD programme, and (2) a broad-based MA for students with some background in travel/tourism who wish to deepen their knowledge through advanced study in anthropology. Both emphases offer solid grounding for students who go on to pursue a Ph.D.

Tourism is the world’s largest industry, a leading strategy for international development, and the primary force moving people around the globe.
From “medical tourism” to religious pilgrimage, voluntary travel is inseparable from global social and cultural phenomena that lie at the heart of contemporary anthropology. To study travel and tourism is to engage with issues of identity and difference, cultural representation and commodification, globalization, development, consumption, communication, cultural change, space and place, constructions of tangible and intangible heritage, migration and diaspora, and much more.

The programme can be undertaken as a one-year full-time MA or over two or three years on a part-time basis. (All courses meet in the daytime.)
It consists of compulsory and option courses, culminating in a 10,000-word dissertation. All students take the year-long Anthropology of Travel and Tourism seminar and must audit a course in ethnographic methods; those without a prior degree in anthropology also take a required year-long course in anthropological theory. Further courses are selected from diverse options in anthropology and other disciplines including art and archaeology, development studies, languages, history, media, music, and politics. In addition, all students attend the programme’s public seminar series.
The programme’s strengths are many -- (a) the topical core course, Anthropology of Travel and Tourism, taught by Dr. Naomi Leite, (b) the evening Seminar Series in the Anthropology of Tourism and Travel, with visiting speakers who present their work and engage in spirited discussion with students and academic staff from throughout greater London, (c) small courses taught by leading scholars, and (d) an outstanding cohort of approximately 150 anthropology graduate students. Complete details of the programme, including its goals, structure, course options, and how to apply, are available on the department website for prospective students and members of the public.

For more information on studying anthropology at SOAS, please vist the department website at Because all SOAS Anthropology MA students take their theory and methods courses together, and because students are able to choose from a wide array of course options in the department and beyond, we encourage prospective students to look not only at the MA ATTP pages but at the strength and breadth of the renowned Department of Anthropology and SOAS as a whole.
To request a brochure or for further information, write to, and visit our Facebook site to ask questions of alumni and current students:
To apply, visit the main application website for SOAS taught MA programmes:

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