COLLOQUIA 2020-2021


University of California, Berkeley
2020-2021 Calendar

Friday, November 20

        Colloquium featuring Yanqie Wei
        (Ph.D. Candidate, Minzu University of China, Beijing
               and Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley)
        Title: Colonialism and Nationalism in Taiwan museums:
               The National Taiwan Museum, the National History Museum
               and the Taiwan National Museum

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Friday, October 23

        Colloquium featuring Yujie Zhu
        (Senior Lecturer, Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies,
               Australian National University)
        Title: Memory, Homecoming and the Politics of Diaspora Tourism in China
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Friday, October 9

        Colloquium featuring Shayan Lallani
        (PhD Candidate, History, University of Ottawa)
        Title: Caribbean Cultural Encounters in Early-to-Mid-Twentieth Century
                Cruise Ship Tourism

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Friday, September 25

        Colloquium featuring Bert Gordon
        (Professory Emeritus, History, Mills College)
        Title: Monuments, Memory, and Tourism
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Friday, September 11

        Colloquium featuring Matilde Córdoba Azcárate
        (Department of Communications, University of California, San Diego)
        Title: Stuck with Tourism: Space, Power, and Labor in Contemporary Yucatán
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Friday, September 4

        A Conversation with the editors of The Ethnography of Tourism:
              Edward Bruner and Beyond

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Friday, August 28

       2020-2021 Organizing Meeting
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This colloquium series is co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly and the Townsend Center for the Humanities. For more information about this event, or about our ongoing colloquium series, write to


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