COLLOQUIA 2017-2018


University of California, Berkeley
2017-2018 Calendar

Friday, August 11

        Colloquium featuring Na Gong
        (Postdoc, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
        Title: The Tourist Motivations of Foreign Visiting Scholars
                and their Exotic Culture Experiences:
                A Case Study of Chinese Visiting Scholars at UC Berkeley
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Friday, August 25

        2017-2018 Planning Meeting
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Friday, September 1

        Colloquium featuring Dean MacCannell
        (Professor Emeritus, Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture, UC Davis)
        Title: The Moral Economy of Tourism
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Friday, September 8

        Colloquium featuring Nelson Graburn
        (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
        Title: Rittoro Wārudo - Little World: Too Much Authenticity
                for Playful Japanese Tourists

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Friday, September 15

        Colloquium featuring Hiroaki Matsuura
        (Provost and Vice President, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Tourism,
                Media, and Cultural Studies, Shoin University, Japan)
        Title:Risk Communication and Post-Disaster Tourism Recovery:
                Evidence from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

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This colloquium series is co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly and the Townsend Center for the Humanities. For more information about this event, or about our ongoing colloquium series, write to


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