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University of California, Berkeley
2016-2017 Calendar

Friday, August 5

        Colloquium featuring Lola Teruel & María José Viñals
        (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
        Title: CONNECTING PEOPLE TO NATURE. How to Create Memorable Tourist
                Experiences. The Particular Case of the Wetlands.
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Friday, September 16

        Colloquium featuring Jie Zhong
        (Associate Professor, Southwest University for Nationalities, China)
        Title: TOURISM SOCIAL CONFLICTS: Case Studies from the Ethnic Regions
                of Western China
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Friday, September 30

        A Book Project about: Tourism Governance (Meeting 1)
                Seminar & Presentation - Amir Gohar, organizer
                (Doctoral Candidate, LAEP, UC Berkeley)
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Friday, October 21

        A Book Project about: Tourism Governance (Meeting 2)
                Seminar & Presentation - Amir Gohar, organizer
                (Doctoral Candidate, LAEP, UC Berkeley)
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        Colloquium featuring Kate McDonald
        (Assistant Professor, Department of History, UC Santa Barbara)
        Title: SEEING LIKE THE NATION: Battlefield Tourism and Conflicts of Memory
                in the Japanese Empire

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Friday, December 9

        Colloquium featuring Jared McCormick
        (PhD, Social Anthropology and Critical Media Practices, Harvard University)
        Title: HISTORICAL VIEWS OF TOURISM IN LEBANON: From Metadata to Interface,
                A View from the View
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Friday, January 20

       2017 TSWG Spring Term Organizing Meeting
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Friday, February 3

        Museums and Tourism in China

        Dr. Jin Lu
                (Department of Tourism, Ningbo University)
        Nelson Graburn
                (Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
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Friday, February 10

        Colloquium featuring Yu Luo
        (Postdoctoral, Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley)
        Title: ETHNIC BY DESIGN: Branding a Buyi Cultural Landscape in
                Late-Socialist Southwest China
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Friday, March 10 - Saturday, March 11

        Title: CONTENTS TOURISM: Creativity, Fandom, Neo-Destinations
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Friday, April 7

        Colloquium featuring Jennifer Kelly
        (President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Communication, UC San Diego)
        Title: FRAGMENTED NARRATION: Tourism, Asymmetry, and Solidarity in Palestine
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This colloquium series is co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly and the Townsend Center for the Humanities. For more information about this event, or about our ongoing colloquium series, write to


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